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About us

The first live demonstration of a working quantum key distribution (QKD) network will take place in Vienna between 8th October 2008 and 10th October 2008 in the framework of the SECOQC international conference.

Seven QKD-links will be combined in a novel quantum-back-bone network physically deployed within a typical metropolitan area network to connect different company sites from SIEMENS Austria. Typical applications for QKD, to secure data traffic from telephony and video conferencing, will also be included in the demonstration.

The appeal of quantum cryptography is that its security is based on the laws of nature. In contrast to existing classical schemes of Key Distribution, Quantum Key Distribution does not invoke the transport of the key, since it is created at the sender and receiver site immediately. Furthermore, the key is created from a completely random sequence, which is in general an extremely diffcult task in classical schemes. Finally, eavesdropping is easily detected due to the fragile nature of the qubits invoked for the quantum key distribution.

Online-Registration to SECOQC Conference now open :: May 15, 2008
The conference program is now online and you can register to the event and conference at:
Relaunch of SECOQC-Website :: May 5, 2008
Please visit the new site at
Media response :: Jan 17, 2008
Our latest publication "On the optimality of individual entangling-probe attacks against BB84 quantum key distribution" is widely covered in the media. Some examples:,,
Link to the Abstract and Publication
Quantum Cryptography @ FH Joanneum :: Jan 10, 2008
Martin Suda and Christian Kollmitzer of the Austrian Research Centers give Lectures on Quantum Cryptography at the FH Joanneum (during the degree programme on "advanced security engineering")
New Publication :: Jan 09, 2008
On the optimality of individual entangling-probe attacks against BB84 quantum key distribution
Link to the Abstract, Link to the Publication
Conference-Announcement Einsteins in the city II :: Oct 30-31, 2007
An International Student Research Conference at The City College of New York. Stefan Schauer of the ARC will give a talk on QKD. "We will discuss a QKD protocol by Li et al. based on entanglement swapping [J. Opt. B: Quantum Semiclass. Opt., 5(2), 155--157, 2003] and show that it is open to a special type of attack using the same technique. An adversary will be able to obtain full information about the key without being detected. Additionally, we will give some ideas on how such protocols can be secured from this kind of attack strategy."
Link: Link to Conference
Award :: Oct 03, 2007
Anton Zeilinger has been awarded the inaugural Isaac Newton medal by the Institute of Physics. Zeilinger was honoured for "his pioneering conceptual and experimental contributions to the foundations of quantum physics, which have become the cornerstone for the rapidly-evolving field of quantum information".
Link: Article @ physics world
New Publication :: Aug 20, 2007
"Improve security of quantum cryptography" by Andreas Poppe at online
the publication @
New Publication :: June 8, 2007
High-fidelity transmission of polarization encoded qubits from an entangled source over 100 km of fiber
Hannes Hübel et al
the publication @ Optics Express
Quantum Cryptography in Physics World :: March 28, 2007
The quantum cryptography network of SECOQC is described in the featured article "key to the quantum industry" by Andrew Shields and Zhiliang Yuan (Toshiba Research; SECOQC participants)
The article @ physics world: Key to Quantum Industry
Conference Announcement :: Feb 07, 2007
The first European Young Scientists Conference on Quantum Information takes place in Vienna during 27. - 31. August 2007
Deadline for applications: May 31, 2007
More Information and Registration: Conference-Website
NEWS (german) :: Feb 05, 2007
Quantenverschlüsselung im Wiener SIEMENS Netz - Presseinfo
Mehr Info
Presseinfo als pdf (~16kB)
New Publication :: Jan 22, 2007
The EU-Project SECOQC has published the SECOQC White Paper on Quantum Key Distribution and Cryptography
Abstract as pdf (30kB)
Read the complete publication as pdf (~500kB)
Neue Publikation :: Jan 02, 2007
Simulating phase coding in quantum cryptography: influence of chromatic dispersion
M.Suda, T.Herbst, A.Poppe
The European Physical Journal D (online first), Dec. 22 2006
the publication @ EPJD
Quantenkryptographie zum Ausprobieren :: Oct 19, 2006
SchülerInnen der HTL Ungargasse entwickelten gemeinsam mit Michael Meyenburg und Hannes Hübel ein Online-Tool zur Quantenkryptographie mit verschränkten Lichtteilchen: "SQL - Secure Quantum Link". JedeR kann damit ausprobieren und lernen, wie Quantenkryptographie funktioniert.
Link zum Tool: SQL - Secure Quantum Link
Conference - Announcement :: Sept 24-28, 2006
Quantum Cryptography at the CLEO Focus Meeting of ECOC 2006 in Cannes (France) (Sept 24 - 28).
Andreas Poppe gives a Talk on "Detection of Polarization Entanglement after 75km of Fiber Transmission". More Information: Abstract, Link to Program: CLEO Focus Meeting
Conference - Announcement :: Sept 18-21, 2006
Quantum Cryptography at the OEPG 2006- Conference in Graz (Sept 18 - 21). More Information: Publications, Abstract: Talk, Abstract: Poster & pdf-file
NEW PROJECT :: Sept 14, 2006 (german)
Das Projekt "Quantum Cryptography on a Chip - QCC" aus dem Programm FIT-IT wird von ARC Seibersdorf research koordiniert. Ziel ist die Entwicklung eines Chips, der die gesamte verschlüsselung, Datenverarbeitung und Kommunikation für Quantenkryptographie abwickelt. Projektpartner: Siemens AG Österreich (PSE) und TU Graz (IAIK). Mehr Informationen: Pressenotiz und Projektbeschreibung
Workshop-Announcement :: April 27, 2006
The 7th QIPC-Workshop (Quantum Information Processing and Communication) takes place from Oct 13-14 in London
Information & Registration:
Reports on QIPC :: April 20, 2006
2 Reports on Quantum Information Processing and Communication are available
* Basic Concepts and Current Status: QIPC in Europe
* Roadmap-type document Strategic Report
Conference-Announcement :: March 09, 2006
3rd Central European Quantum Information Processing Workshop, 4.-8. May 2006, Znojmo
CEQIP'06 is a workshop aimed to concentrate on current challenges of the broadly understood theory of QIP from both physics and computing backgrounds, paradigms and perspectives
Download of Conference Poster: CFP_CEQIP_2006.pdf (~75kB)
Conference :: March 01, 2006
Quantum Cryptography at the e-day 2006, WKÖ, Vienna
Christian Monyk participates in the Workshop "IT-Security" at the e-day 2006 (WKÖ). He talks about (german) "Sichere Kommunikation mit Quantenkryptographie". Link: e-day 2006, WKÖ
Conference :: Feb 14, 2006
Quantum Cryptography at the i.convienna2006
Thomas Lorünser talks about the Project SECOQC.
Link: i.convienna 2006
NEWS :: Jan 30, 2006
Quantenkryptographieprojekt SECOQC als Showcase auf der CORDIS-Website der Österreichischen EU-Ratspräsidentschaft für FTE
Weitere Informationen (pdf, ~13kB): Quantenkryptographie als showcase.pdf
Link: SECOQC-Showcase @ cordis
Job Announcements Quantum Cryptography in Vienna :: Jan 17, 2006
Descriptions (pdf - in german):
Post Doc: Quantenkommunikation in optischen Glasfasernetzen, post doc (~140kB),
Diplomarbeit/Dissertation: Aufbau einer kompakten Quelle für Quantenkryptographie (~56kB),
Diplomarbeit/Dissertation: Quantenkommunikation in optischen Glasfasernetzen (~130kB);
For further Info please contact Andreas Poppe
TALK :: Dec 2, 2005
Prof. Dr. Tomoyuki YAMAKAMI gives a talk on "New Computational Approaches in Quantum Cryptography"
Friday, Dec, 2 2005, Tech Gate Tower 5th floor, 12:00-14:00.
Link: Abstract and more Information
LINK :: Nov 11, 2005
QUANTIKI - the free-content WWW resource in quantum information science that anyone can edit.
TALK :: Nov 4, 2005
Prof. Jozef Gruska gives a talk about "Key paradigms, frontiers and barriers of information processing by nature"
Friday, Nov, 4 2005, Tech Gate Tower 5th floor, 10:30am.
Link: Abstract and more Information
AWARD :: Oct 19, 2005
Award for Quantum Cryptography.
Hannes Böhm was awarded for his Diploma Thesis "A Compact Source for Polarization Entangled Photon Pairs" with the Austrian INiTS Award
Links: More Information about the Prize (in german); Abstract of Diploma Thesis; download: pdf-file of Diploma Thesis (4,5MB)
NEW BOOK :: Oct 05, 2005
Martin Suda: Quantum Interferometry in Phase Space - Theory and Applications; Springer 2005
Link: Abstract; More Information about the Autor: Martin Suda
NEWS (german) :: Oct 01, 2005
Quantenkryptographie bei der Langen Nacht der Forschung
Am 1. Oktober 2005 findet die Lange Nacht der Forschung statt. Unter dem Titel "Physik macht sicher" kann man die Datenübertragung mittels Quantenkryptographie bestaunen und selber testen. Ort: Hauptuni Wien.
Link: Lange Nacht d.Forschung/Physik macht sicher
Auch an diesen Stationen sind Quanten ein Thema: TU Wien, Freihaus: Quantentheater mit Schokobällchen,
Kuffner Sternwarte: Vom Quant zum Kosmos
Conference :: Sept 29, 2005
Quantum Cryptography at the 31st Conference on Optical Communication
Andreas Poppe gave a talk about "Entangled State Quantum Key Distribution and Teleportation"
Abstract, Poster pdf-file (~460kB)
Link: 31st Conference on Optical Communication
Conference :: Sept 29, 2005
Quantum Cryptography at the Austrian Physical Scociety.
M.Meyenburg presented a Poster about "Quantenkryptographie in speziell gekapselter embedded Hardware" (german).
Abstract (german), Poster pdf-file (~180kB) (german)
Link: Austrian Physical Society
Article (german) :: Sept 28, 2005
Quantenkryptographie im Magazin sciq-wissen für junge Leute.
In Wien wird an einer neuen Methode zur Nachrichtenverschlüsselung geforscht: Die Quantenkryptographie wandelt einzelne Lichtteilchen in zufällige Folgen aus 0 und 1 um, die als Schlüssel verwendet werden. Das Besondere: Die Lichtteilchen sind miteinander verschränkt. Von Julia Petschinka
Link zum Artikel: Im Quantenlabor
NEWS (german) :: Sept 23, 2005
Quantenkryptographie im Fernsehen
Heute Abend bei Modern Times (ORF 2, 23:35): Digitales Briefgeheimnis
Link: Modern Times
NEWS (german) :: August 23, 2005
Physics Enlightens the World - Die Einstein-Lichterkette
Am 21. April 2005 wurde im Rahmen des Einstein-Jahres ein Lichtstrahl um die Welt gesandt. Ein Glied der Lichterkette: verschränkte Photonen. Alessandro Fedrizzi schreibt darüber in seinem Bericht (pdf-file, ca 1MB)
NEWS :: July 11, 2005
Quantum Cryptography - Publications by the project partners
Publications done within the Integrated Project SECOQC can be found on the Projects Website
Link: SECOQC (Development of a global network for secure communication based on Quantum Cryptography)
Exhibition (german) :: June 28, 2005
Demonstration von EPR-Korrelationen im Rahmen der Einstein-Ausstellung im Berliner Kronprinzenpalais
Erstmals wird eine Quelle verschränkter Photonenpaare zur Demonstration von EPR-Korrelationen öffentlich zugänglich dargestellt. Die Installation besteht aus einer Medienstation, einer Vitrine, in der sich die Quelle befindet, und einem Monitor als Schnittstelle zum Experiment.
Detailiertere Beschreibung als pdf-file (150kB)
Conference :: June 11, 2005
Quantum Cryptography at the CLEO-Europe Conference in Munich
The Group of Prof. Anton Zeilinger together with the Group "Quantum Technologies" of ARC Seibersdorf research GmbH are contributing to the international Conference CLEO (Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, European Quantum Electronics Conference) in Munich, 11.-17. June 2005
More Information, Link: CLEO Europe 2005
Conference (german) :: March 4, 2005
Quantenkryptographie auf der DPG in Berlin
Mit drei Beiträgen zum Thema Quantenkryptographie ist die Kooperation Uni Wien - Seibersdorf auf der diesjährigen Tagung der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft vertreten.
Mehr Info, Link zur DPG-Physik, Berlin 2005
NEW EC-Project :: February 16, 2005
EU-Project aiming at structuring and co-ordinating Europe's "Quantum-Landscape" initiated by the Austrian Research Centre Seibersdorf to start this month.
NEWS (german) :: February 03, 2005
Spukhafte Quantenwelt: Österreichische Forscher und die erste wirtschaftliche Anwendung aus der Quantentheorie.
Artikel im Industriemagazin, Ausgabe 02/2005
Press release (german) :: February 02, 2005
Ring of Trust - Datenaustauch beispielsweise über e-mail durch eine Kombination aus Quantenkryptographie und klassischer Kryptographie abhösicher gemacht. Patentbewilligung für die ARC Seibersdorf research GmbH.
Mehr Info
NEWS :: January 10, 2005
Article on Quantum Cryptography on the IST-Review webpage:
Maintaining cryptographic security in the quantum age
New Publication :: January 04, 2005
Distributing entanglement and single photons through an intra-city, free-space quantum channel
Abstract, The Article on Optics Express
NEWS :: December 27, 2004
Highlights of the Year: Quantum Cryptography to place first.
The article on physics web
NEWS :: December 20, 2004
Best Kept Secrets
An article on Quantum Cryptography published in Scientific American.
ARC Award 2004(german) :: December 18, 2004
ARC Award 2004 für Quantenkryptographie
1.Preis in der Kategorie Diplomarbeit (Poster) an Alessandro Fedrizzi
Infos und Downloads
Press release(german) :: December 06, 2004
Quantenkryptographie als Embedded System
Pressegespräch und weltweit erste Prototyp-Demonstration
Infos und Downloads
NEWS :: December 02, 2004
IST-QuComm-Project wins the EU Descartes Prize.
The IST-QuComm project took quantum technologies outside the laboratory with a number of breakthroughs that may shape communication technology not only in the future More Info
Conference :: October 28, 2004
Quantum Key Distribution and the Future of Security
Panel discussion at the RSA-Conference 2004 in Barcelona.
The topics of the RSA Conference cover (amongst others): identity theft, hacking, cyber-terrorism, biometrics, network forensics, perimeter defense, secure web services, encryption and related topics.
Link to: RSA-Conference 2004 in Barcelona
Conference :: October 27, 2004
Quantum Cryptography at the Conference "eChallenges 2004" in Vienna
The Integrated EU-Project SECOQC as well as a demonstrator for Quantum Cryptography with entangled photons is presented at the Austrian Village during the conference
echallenges 2004 - Conference Website
Austrian Village (german)
Discussion (german) :: October 12, 2004
Future Network: Sicherheitsmanagement mit Schwerpunkt Identity Management
10. Nov. 2004, 8:30-17h, Bundesrechenzentrum Wien.
10:15 Quantenkryptographie (Christian Monyk)
Programm und ReferentInnen
Presseaussendung: Wieviel Sicherheit ist genug?
eAcademy (german) :: September 08, 2004
Einladung zur eAcademy Quantenphysik, Start: 1. November 2004.
Die eAcademy Quantenphysik ist ein moderiertes Diskussionsforum für Nicht-PhysikerInnen.
Mehr Info
Link: eAcademy
Vor-Registrierung (kostenlos) unter
At the Museum :: August 31, 2004
"Attention all secret agents!": Quantum Cryptography at the London Science Museum. [...]an Austrian Team are the first to put quantum cryptography into practice[...].
Link to Quantum-Contribution
Link to the Science Museum
NEWS :: August 2, 2004
"Quantum Cryptography offers secure data transfer": an article published in
Press release (german) :: May 19, 2004
Pressegespräch (german): Am Weg zu hochsicheren Kommunikationsnetzwerken, Ort: aws - austria wirtschaftsservice, Zeit: 11-12h
Talk :: May 10, 2004
Talk Prof. Jozef Gruska: Quantum information processing versus complexity theory, Informatik Kolloquium, TU Vienna
Press release :: April 21, 2004
Quantum Cryptography "live": World Premiere: Bank Transfer via Quantum Cryptography Based on Entangled Photons -- INFO and DOWNLOADS
Press release (german) :: April 14, 2004
Stadt Wien fördert neugegründetes Institut für Quantenoptik und Quanteninformation der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften
Presseinformation (pdf-file, german)
Press release (english/german) :: April 1, 2004
Start of the Project "SECOQC" - Development of a Global Communication Network based on Quantum Cryptography (Infos in english)
Pressrelease (pdf-file, german)
Pressrelease (pdf-file, english)

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